A Gentle Whiff

A Gentle Whiff

You’re 30 minutes into your third and final interview. You feel like you’ve genuinely bonded with the two VP’s at the table, but the CEO has been reserved and unreadable. While thinking of what you can do to impress her, you notice the VP to your left lean to one side ever so slightly. You know that lean. You’ve seen it before. Hell, you’ve done it before. Up wafts a potent, must-filled odor that assaults your senses into nausea. You quickly avert your gaze, hoping this will diminish the attack. As you look away, you notice the CEO staring directly at you, disgusted. “It wasn’t me!!” you want to scream, but junior high experience taught you it will do no good. A gentle breeze clears the room, taking all hope of future employment with it.

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