I Brought You a Flower

I Brought You a Flower

The letter was cryptic – “Meet me at 8pm. Back entrance, Les Élysées du Vernet. – Your Secret Admirer” – the ‘i’ dotted with a heart! Could it be? Ferdidand had always been unlucky in the ways of love. He even moved to Parc de Boulogne in Paris, hoping the city of romance would work it’s magic. And now, he could finally smell the love in the air! Who was this admirer? And why such a fancy restaurant for a first meeting? He was a flutter, and didn’t care. He picked the nicest flower he could find, and stood at the back entrance. Before he knew what was happening, the door swung open and a cleaver came down, taking his precious legs clean off.

Ferdidand was left alone in the alley with his flower, hoping the couple who dined on his Cuisses de Grenouille might find the love he had yet to know.

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  1. 1 Mom

    Please change the story. He’s too cute for such a tragic story

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